Shhhh...The Holy Land must rest tonight...


NEWS: Everyone looks at this today! Watch as they are disappointed at it!

Hey there, I made this for a grade in a class.

Pretty cool right? Ok well, not really. While I liked making it I didn't enjoy the extra work for some reason. I'm using this site to show off cool stuff I made and some other things. If anything this might be the most worked on website I've made.

I Don't know what else to put on here. Maybe I'll think of something later on. ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)

What's up with the site not being finished fully?

To tell you the truth, I'm lazy. I have other school work and I can't full put time on the site for stuff like this. It's taken a lot off of my time because of me wanting to get into CodeRVA (Which by the time you read this, i would have already filled out everything I need to get in.) At short notice this is the best I can do for now until I have free time to keep working on it. Sad I know, but this was for a grade anyway. I have what I needed to get the grade.

Best Regards, Iain Klinefelter

"Simon goes to hell to get the ultimate n-word pass" coming soon.